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Blitz is redefining competitive gaming with a revolutionary desktop app - League of Legends, Valorant, TFT, and Runeterra.
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  • Staffs are true Professionals always available to address
  • Lead Management software being one of the most user friendly programs
  • Intuitive and relatively easy to use. Easy accessability.
  • Great Way to Record Activity w/ Client & Submit a Series of Emails to Close Sale.
  • The reports are a little hard to read and take too long to update
  • Email functionality is a little clumsy and lacking in range of content that can be included
  • A lot to learn, but will be worth it in the end.
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Discord is a cross-platform VoIP and chat application for gamers that was created in 2015. It’s currently available on desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux), as well as mobile devices (iOS and Android). Discord is also available on the web and as an app for gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch).
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  • Create as many servers - Unlimited
  • Create as many voice channels or text channels in servers
  • Easy to register and create account
  • Has personal messaging, group messaging, and server-based messaging.
  • Servers have a lot of customability.
  • Has in-browser and on-desktop capabilities.
  • There is a mobile version and it has cross-platform use.
  • Registration is free but there is also a premium mode for extra features.
  • It has dark mode
  • There are easy ways to make a group chat
  • If you need a specific person in a server you can “ping” them
  • The direct messaging system is very clean and tidy
  • You can organize where you specific servers are
  • You can make multiple chat channels and call channels for one server
  • Bots or robots can be added to make the servers more fun
  • You can tell when someone is typing
  • You can mute yourself, or turn some peoples volumes down if they are louder than the others in a call
  • Access to your email, passwords and name and IP-address
  • Know your location and devices
  • Ban users for no reason, requires more transparency
  • No benefits for a bot developer
  • Abuse power from discord staff
  • Requires better Moderation Improvement
  • All delete message and accounts is still available on their side.
  • Too many restrictions on content and terms of service
  • Your accounts is easily hacked
  • Your group can easily attacked and raided your server
  • Many scammers and no protection from those scammer
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